Darts CLUB 1.1.2

Darts CLUB: there is more to darts than meets the eye

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Published Jan 25, 2008 (13 years ago)
Updated May 12, 2008 (12 years ago)

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Product Details

Play darts without using pen and paper! Darts CLUB helps darts enthusiasts and professional calculate scores while they play and keep statistics about their performance.

There are many variations of darts rules, and hardly anyone knows them all, let alone can judge the games professionally. There is more to darts than meets the eye. 301 and 501, Cricket, Around the Clock games, as well as double and treble segments, bullseye and outshot darts rules make it tricky to memorize the rules and calculate scores. Darts CLUB takes away the complexity and leaves you with pure fun. Enjoy the game better by letting the computer darts scorer to do the math for you!

Calculate darts score without a chalkboard. No matter what variation of darts you are playing, the darts scorer will calculate the scores completely automatically. Simply click on a computer-drawn dartboard with a mouse to show darts software where your dart has landed, and it will calculate the score. Want darts tips? If you're playing 301 or 501, Darts CLUB suggests outshot automatically according to the rules of the game.

Darts CLUB calculates scores and enforces the rules if you’re having a competition. A computer judge does not cheat or argue over the rules, making the game much more fun. Every throw is stored in a computer database, allowing you to create a performance report on any player, generate a hi-score table or display the average performance.

When used in a pub or a bar, Darts CLUB fits perfectly as part of a darts setup. Being designed by darts professionals rather than computer geeks, Darts CLUB allows for easy operation even in busy environments. The variety of games and the diversity of players make Darts CLUB a valuable addition to any establishment, delivering perfect entertainment to the customers. Pick up a copy from <http://darts-club.com/>

Requirements: RAM: 128MB, HDD: 20Mb
Release Info: Major Update on May 12, 2008
Release Notes: Do you like to spend free time with friends playing in darts - this program for you! Darts CLUB is complete statistics of your games, is counted every throw. Now you can see who wins the most, what your best throw, most impressive checkout, and how many kilometres you have walked during the game.
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