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AIDA64 Extreme 5.80

AIDA64 Extreme Edition Review Introduction AIDA64 is a great asset for all the computer geeks and non-geeks who are interested in monitoring the way their system works, measuring the effectiveness, keeping eye on virtual memory usage, simply said †œ use this software to know how your PC performs in the smallest details. This diagnostic software is used for running wide variety of diagnostics and analysis on your PC such as hardware error diagnostic, overlocking, sensor...

Internet Download Manager 6.30.10

Internet Download Manager 6.11.8 Standard download managers we use are built-in and embedded within the browsers we normally use like Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Internet download manager 6.11.8 software is designed to offer more reliable and faster downloads with up to 5 times faster download speed than at standard download managers we use. Windows compatibleInternet download manager supports all Windows operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows 7 or Windows Vista, making...

Rander 4.1

Rander is a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system, allowing companies full control over their phone communication system. Rander can easily be integrating into existing software by providing you with tools much like those used in basic call centers. Need a tech support system without paying enterprise level fees? Download this and try it for yourself. - File Cart

AB Invoicing

AB Invoicing is a great invoicing tool that produces very attractive invoices, and is available at a very moderate cost. It is structured that the invoicing tool comes along with any modules for the software that you are willing to purchase at $35 a piece, whether your only looking for a customer database, inventory database, accounting program, or all the modules that are available. This software will also produce your reports for you, store all past invoices, keep track of...

Advanced Graphs and Charts for PHP 7.1

This is a great script for anyone with a need to easily generate multiple dynamic graphs. This script will take information from your server database, files stored locally or on the server, HTML parameters, or even information entered into a form field, and convert this data into a graphical representation in a style of your choosing. This collection includes many different graph styles including both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional graphs and charts. This is an excellent bit...

AlphaPhotoFX 1.0

This collection of Photoshop plugins from AlphaPlugins is a great tool-kit, for anyone with an interest in graphic design, whether for leisure or professionally. It comes with 6 individual filters, at nearly a 25% discount from the original cost, and will save hours of design time for anyone who might try to recreate these effects. The effects include a tool to give images a frozen look, an alpha-channel slicing tool, a tool that creates realistic looking flames, a matrix-style...

AyaNova 7.5

This is a great business management application, taking care of all your work-orders, invoicing, inventory, service records, and much much more. AyaNova has a great interface that makes using this program very simple, as well an import/export feature to ensure that your client and product information can be entered into the application with minimal time and effort. AyaNova has far too many features to list them all here, but to cover a few of the more notable, it has customizable...

Backup4all Professional 7.4

Backup4all has proven its worth as an award winning application that solves all your data back-up needs. A really easy use program with a windows explorer based interface, Backup4all makes it really very easy to make sure any important data is protected from corruption and loss. This software uses Zip compression to ensure that backed up data is easy accessed and restored, will encrypt the data if you choose using a standard AES encryption of your desired security level, and even...

Biorhythms Plus! 2008 1.0

Biorhythms Plus! is likely the most intuitive, all encompassing Biorhythm, Astrology, and Numerology software available today. It offers daily and forcasted info on your personal cycles. It offers details on 12 different cycles, and presents this information in a variety of different charts, graphs, and other organization mechanisms. The interface is very detailed and attractive, based on the office 2007 interface with large button navigation, and the ability to display whatever...

CDMenuPro 6.50.00

CD Menu Pro is a fast, new and easy way to create a professional auto-run menu application for your cd's, dvd's, or usb drives. Anyone can use it to develop presentations, businesses, training programs, educational programs and much more. It is the most efficient way to design a professional and efficient electronic menu application. Here ™s why CD Menu Pro would be great for your product... Click here to see our full review of this product on Software Transit, you can also...

Citra FX Photo Effects 4.1

Citra FX is a super simple filter editor for you digital photos and images. It uses many of the filters that are available with the expensive full graphics editors, but with a great user interface, designed specifically to facilitate the application of these filters and the adjustment of their parameters. And the filters themselves are excellently designed. At $29 this is a great application that effortlessly accomplishes its intended function.

CSE HTML Validator Pro 17.0301

CSE HTML Validator Professional is a very handy Windows based Web page validating tool. You can validate HTML, XHTML, and CSS, while viewing the page in its built in Explorer based browser. It is also multi-browser compatible to ensure you pages are validated with compatibility for most of the common browsers currently in use. It even has an intuitive check for problems that may affect search engine rankings, and any web page developer knows that any and all SEO (Search Engine...

Delta60 Accounting Software 6.0

Delta60 has everything you would hope for from a free accounting application. It has a complete system of databases, allowing you to categorize your data, all the functions you need to use this data in running of your business. The new interface adds a lot to the software making it more appealing and faster, and has added a fax capability through your normal modem, allowing one more mechanism for interaction with the client. Delta60 will take care of the accounting, payroll,...

Directory Report 47

Directory Report is a good piece of software, although it's scope will be limited. Directory Report, as it's name suggests, is useful for making reports on directories. Specifically, you can find out information about directories and the files inside them, you can compare the files inside them, identify large files, and even perform CRC checks to make sure files are valid. The entire interface is handled through a series of menu items at the top of the window, with a toolbar...

YoutubeGet Cracked 1.0.3

Turns SWF files into MP3s. And its easy. And its free. What more is there to say really? It is a simple, and great tool, that will accomplish this one objective reliably if thats what you need! A great free tool!

Engraver II for Photoshop 2.22

The Engraver plug-in for Photoshop and Photoshop compatible editors is a useful tool, from AlphaPlugins, using geometric patterns to stylize images to appear somewhat like complex 3-D works. It has 4 main features,(straight lines, curved lines, circles, and rings/helixes) that respond to the image to which they are applied, determining line thickness, shading, and the patterns they will assume. These parameters are also adjustable by the user, and the features can be overlapped...

GRBackPro Professional Backup 8.4.33

GRBackPro is very useful windows back-up utility to help keep you on top of your data protection needs. Using the standard Zip compression, GRBackPro allows you to store your back-up data anywhere, and have it readily accessible for use or recovery in part or in whole using zip compatible software. It also runs quietly in the background for minimal interference with other tasks, keeps a detailed log of the backup process, and will even password protect your compressed file for...

GRSoftware Email Robot 3.3.19

The GRSoftware Email Robot is a very useful tool when handling large amounts of emails. This Robot will automatically crawl the contents of the email, including recipients, subjects, attachments, and in so doing provide a valuable screening and time saving application. This software is designed to simplify and speed up an often time consuming project. The interface is a very simple 3 tab design, making it very easy to navigate and very clear where to go to accomplish specific...

Intelliscore Polyphonic MP3 to MIDI Converter 8.1.2

Intelliscore Ensemble is a spectacular application for converting virtually all popular audio file formats to MIDI for easier trascription editing. This software is very intuitive and easy to navigate, while applying sophisticated transformations to the MIDI files that IntelliScore creates, transformations that would be impossible in the initial format of the audio file. With this software you can even record your own tracks directly into MIDI format to be edited, layered over...

Melomania 1.89

Melomania is a truly a prolific organizer for all virtually all audio media anyone might find in their collection. If your anything like myself, you've realized many times that you have no idea what is available in those stacks of CDs and endless playlists. Melomania serves as a tool to help remind what is there and find it effortlessly. The interface can be summarized essentially as a tabbed version of windows explorer. The Windows Explorer-like functionality offers the comfort...

NeoBook Rapid Application Builder 5.8.7

This is a very easy to use full multi-media application builder. The possible uses for this program are limitless to the imaginitive person, and the difficulty of using this program to accomplish these objectives is minimal. Built largely on a drag and drop layout for the design of your applications, it also encorporates simple questionnaires to gather all information needed for someone with virtually no knowledge of the program, to add interactivity and custom behaviours for...

OceanDive 1.4

I'm sure most people remember that aquatic screen saver that came with windows 2000, back in, well, 2000. If you were fond of this screensaver, then you will love OceanDive. OceanDive has taken this concept to an entirely new level. This underwater Screensaver navigates through countless different, realistic, 3-D, underwater environments, displaying some very advanced animation. Unlike that old underwater screensaver, you will not tire of OceanDive. It even comes with an exploration...

Openfind Enterprise Search 3.0

This software is an excellent and incredibly useful data management tool for any organization with large amounts of information stored across a large network or server. Openfind Enterprise Search (OES) has a very sophisticated search engine that allows you to search across a very large or small amount of data, filter based on a large number of parameters or file types, and index the resulting information to allow for very easy future access to this information . The interface...

PC Chaperone 5.7

PC Chaperone has proven to be a very powerful censoring tool for parents, employers, or anyone with a need to limit internet access or access to applications on a computer available to multiple users. Incredibly easy to use, PC Chaperone can password protect access to any application on the desktop, limit access to specific websites or prohibit access to certain websites, or even prescribe which instant messenger contacts are available for conversation. The user interface is...

SecuBox for Pocket PC 1.6

SecuBox for Pocket PC is a great bit of encryption software for anyone looking for that extra bit of protection for their Windows based PDA or PDA phone. At the industry standard AES 256-bit encryption, you have no worries about the level of security offered, but don't forget your password!! SecuBox is incredibly easy to use, and its password strength monitor is a nice feature to help ensure your data protection takes full advantage of the security this encryption offers. It...

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USB SIM Card Reader Software

its relly good and able to use its also can use easilly and simpily i like this porodect i using this for a mobile technics and it helps very much

Audials One 2017

It offers such a long list of features, like converting audio and video files, recording music from internet radios, recording and downloading music, videos and movies from streaming video portals and websites and so on.


good Windows groups and users are no longer scanned on domain controllers. Active scanning and rescan now also looks at the credentials defined for an IP range. Blacklisted Mac addresses which caused duplicate devices

Axialis Screensaver Producer 4.2

I purchased this 10/07. It worked 'okay' for what it was. When v4 came out I upgraded (FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES - right on their site). I discovered there were BUGS in the HELP system. After being ignored by 'tech support' I stated...

FastReport.Net 2015

I'm a developper in visual studio 2008 2010 and 2012. I'm look for another report software which is better than crystalreport. I use crytalreport, but it's not very adaptable for me.

Magic Partition Recovery 2.6

good program to recover data from disks ... ... ... thank you so much

Magic Camera 8.6

The Magic Camera has done wonders for my career as a model as well as making holiday personal cards a whole lot simpler and more fun as well. I have extremely found this camera feature very useful and my kids love playing around with it too

PHPMaker 2017.0.7

it good program for make phpcode to easy for website

PHPMaker 2017.0.7

thankyou for phpmaker ,it be very good program for make web and query mysql ,it make hard to easy ,good good and good

VirIT eXplorer Lite 8.2.55

I'm using this AV from a long time, what I appreciate most is the scheduled scanning task and the powerful Intrusion Detection system that helped me identify in time and stop new infections! I think this software has more than one...

PC HealthBoost 3.0.5

Clean up registry error in just a few steps. It has speed up my old computer and really works.


More than anything, I like how easy the it was to work my way through the steps of this program. All I did was press the scan button to search for computer errors and then I used this program to find out what drivers I need. It scans...

AppleXsoft Data Recovery Professional

I bought and downloaded SD Recovery software to try and recover some photos off of a damaged SD card. This software has a really poor method of activation and I never could get it to work. You receive a serial number for the software,...

KooRaRoo Media 2.4.0

great software, makes it easy to stream stuff around the house

SecureCRT 8.1.1

This software very sophisticated software and is alot helpful

Stellar OST to PST Converter 5.0

This is a nice software. But i am used a Kernel Exchange OST Recovery Software. this is a really good software.. Kernel Exchange OST Recovery software safely converts all mail items of OST file and saves them in new PST file format....

OLM to PST 5.3

Happy to use Outlook Mac Exporter Software .. and great salute to Developers who made it for Quick and Perfect OLM files to PST Conversion

OLM to PST 5.3

Happy to use Outlook Mac Exporter Software .. and great salute developers who hardworked in creating it for PERFECT olm to pst migration

How to Find Outlook 2007 PST File 1.2

Outlook PST finder is quickly workable tool. i have used PST finder tool it is smoothly finding PST file on locale network and exchange domains

PDF Impress

Nice user interface, easy top use. PDF tools allow various pdf file manipulations.

SEO PowerSuite 59.6

We live in a world where an abundance of information is readily available with nothing more than the simple click of a button. In this information age, a website is only as good as the traffic it can generate. This is why, after over...

LightLogger Keylogger

I think this software has all features which you required. I will highly recommend you this product

IntaChange 3.1.1

IntaChange will provide your company with a hassle-free way to implement and monitor tasks across your organization. The IntaChange infrastructure makes managing changes simple and effortless all while providing a secure environment...

PDF Impress

Feature rich, but easy to use PDF conversion utility for organizations.

CodeLobster 3.3.2

Anyone who has ever done programming knows how easy it is to slip up and introduce a spelling error from a typo, personal knowledge or even just because you have done it so many times you aren't as careful as you should be. You also...