Forensic Studio Ultimate 2012

Extract more digital evidence from suspects' hard drives than ever. With more than 250 types of artifacts, the tool extracts browser histories, chats, IM and social communications, documents etc. Data Carving, Live RAM, image and video file analysis.

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Published Dec 25, 2012 (11 years ago)
Updated Dec 14, 2013 (10 years ago)

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Product Details

Forensic Studio Ultimate extracts more types of digital evidence from suspects' hard drives than ever, greatly extending the abilities of Belkasoft Evidence Center Pro by analyzing media files such as pictures and videos. In addition to Web browsing data including favorites, history and cookies, instant messenger communications, chats and office documents, Forensic Studio Ultimate can analyze pictures and videos, detecting files that contain pornography, human faces or scanned documents. Automatic key frame extraction can be performed on video files, creating a snapshot gallery for a quick glance.

Hidden and destroyed evidence can be recovered with Data Carving. Forensic Studio Ultimate helps forensic investigators discover digital evidence that was hidden or destroyed by scanning the entire hard drive in low-level access mode. Data Carving allows detecting and extracting deleted files by their characteristic signatures or repeated structures.

Live RAM analysis helps investigators recover certain types of digital evidence from computer's memory dumps, hibernation files and page files. Carving memory dumps allows discovering evidence that's never been written to the hard drive such as conversations, online chats, social networking activities and other types of communication with disabled or unavailable logs.

A signature feature of Forensic Studio Ultimate is the ability to work with multimedia files such as pictures and videos. The Ultimate edition of Belkasoft's forensic tool can analyze images and video files, detecting pornography or human faces. The tool can create still snapshot galleries out of lengthy videos by extracting key frames, helping forensic specialists to speed up the investigation a great deal. In addition, Forensic Studio Ultimate can discover scanned or photographed documents by detecting the presence of text in the images.

Forensic specialists, investigators and security officials are welcome to request a free evaluation copy.

Requirements: Windows XP or later, 32-bit or x64
Release Info: New Release on Nov 09, 2012
Release Notes: New release
Related Tags: forensic investigation digital evidence digital evidence extraction instant messenger log


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