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Borders 1.0b

A set of custom Borders for your Java Swing applications

WebPhotoStudio 1.01f

A powerful, easy to use photo/image editing application.

AdvancedColorChooser 1.0b

More professional looking than the JColorChooser component, the AdvancedColorChooser can be used as a drop-in replacement. Supports custom Swatches, custom colors (stored in any way you choose), Web-safe colors and a recent colors list.

JDirectoryChooser 1.0b

A directory chooser component for use in Java Swing applications, the JDirectoryChooser provides you with a more intuitive way of choosing directories from within your applications. Support for directory creation is also provided.

Jazz3D 3.1

Create your own 3D worlds with this high quality 3D rendering API for Java. Supporting objects from 3D Studio and Lightwave, Jazz3D enables you to create 3D worlds in your Java applets and applications.

JTipOfTheDay 1.0b

JTipOfTheDay represents the easiest way for you to implement "Tip Of The Day" functionality in your Java Swing applications. Highly configurable, yet easy to use, you can add custom images to suit your needs and modify most aspects of the dispay.

JPopupSlider 1.0b

A simple but effective popup-slider component for Java Swing applications

JazzNews 1.1

JazzNews is a simple and free applet designed to make displaying interactive news on a website as easy as possible. JazzNews uses an easy to learn file format for the news items, and is a very small download, getting the news on your website quickly.

JazzMenu 1.0

Don't know how to use Flash? Baffled by Dreamweaver? JazzMenu can rescue you from your website menu hassles. This simple menu applet can provide you with great looking menus, quickly and easily - unlike many other options!

Renderers 1.0b

A set of custom renderers to improve the look of Java Swing components, with gradients and textures

JOutlookNavBar 1.1b

A Java component for simulating the popular Outlook Navigation Bar. The component is easy to configure, with different programmable styles available for every item. You can also specify icons and text positions for each item.

JSlideMenu 1.0b

An animated sliding-menu Java component, capable of holding any Java component in the categories you can create. Anti-aliased text improves the look of the component, and it can be used with our FREE renderers library to further enhance your program

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