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Pivo SMTP Component 1.01

Pivo Smtp fully supports the latest technology for sending Internet email.

Pivo InI Component 1.01

INI component reads and writes Windows style INI files.

Pivo FTP Component 1.01

Pivo FTP is a Server component completely written using .NET technology. It can be used with any window, web based .NET applications and COM clients to programmatically add FTP functionality.

Pivo Whois Component 1.01

Automatically find the correct TLD whois server resulting in accurate whois info

Pivo DnsResolver Component 1.01

Dns Resolver is used to queries DNS servers for host information.

Pivo Email Validator Component 1.01

Pivo Email Validator component will solve your email validation problems.

Pivo pop3 Component 1.01

A high performance POP3 component enables ASP/ VB/ VC++/ C#/ VB.NET/ ASP.NET etc

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