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VideoCAD Professional 8.1

CCTV design software with 3D modeling CCTV cameras and other CCTV equipment. Professional version. VideoCAD will help you spare the means and win tenders due to the reduction of cameras' quantity and increase efficiency of CCTV design.

VideoCAD Starter 7.0

Easy CCTV design software with 3D modeling

VideoCAD Lite 8.2

3D CCTV design software - VideoCAD - Lite version. If the Professional version looks too complex or expensive, try the Lite version. It contains the most useful tools for CCTV design, does not need dongle.

IP Camera CCTV Calculator 2.0

IP Camera CCTV Calculator is a professional tool for calculating network bandwidth needed for IP cameras (video encoders) and disk space required for storing video archives.

CCTVCAD Lab Toolkit 1.0

Collection of software tools for measuring parameters of various CCTV equipment

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